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Orchid seed orchid seeds orchid seed germination asymbiotic orchid seed germination

Orchid seed orchid seeds orchid seed germination asymbiotic orchid seed germination

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Suppliers of orchid seed germination products, equipment, and information.

Virtually everything you need to get started growing orchids from seed in the home or lab can be had via mail. There are a number of suppliers, including the following:

Fungi Perfecti and Mycelium Fruits both sell equipment for the culture of fungi. Most of these tools have applications with growing orchids from seed. Check out the pressure cookers!

G&B Orchid Labs sell a variety of media, components, tools, and supplies.

Gallup and Stribling sell media.

Kitchen Culture Kits provides information and equipment for home tissue culture work.

PhytoTechnology Labs manufactures a variety of plant culture media, tools, equipment, and reagents. Sells media analagous to Sigma, along with other formulae.

Sigma Chemical Company sells P-6668 and P-1056 orchid media, along with other formulae. They will sell only plant tissue culture media to growers at home. The supplies section of their catalog has a lot of equipment that may be used for the home grower.

Tissue Quick Plant Labs, in the UK, sells media specially formulated for paphs and phrags, as well as essential supplies such as polypropylene flasks and sterile vents.

Western Orchid Labs in Australia produces Western media that have proven to be very satisfactory for germination of tropical orchids, and many terrestrials.

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