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Orchid seed orchid seeds orchid seed germination asymbiotic orchid seed germination

Orchid seed orchid seeds orchid seed germination asymbiotic orchid seed germination

Hi Nadine!

Nadine Vreeland


Methods of Payment

    Because of the work we do, we support the exchange of seed. Many of our donors receive all of their seed for free, thanks to the credits we give them. When done correctly, you can get the seed you want for free. This may be very important for when American dollars are difficult to find, or a check is simply not possible.

    We can NOT accept credit cards at this time.However, you may be able to pay with a credit card through PayPal: See www.paypal.com for a service that will permit rapid payment, and will allow you to charge orders to your credit card. They are now available in more countries than ever.

    Other forms of payment include:

    Checks drawn on an American bank. If you can provide us with a check that may draw from funds at an American bank, we will be glad to accept it. The same is true of an International or Postal money order. As international checks have a large fee associated with them (often more than the order itself), we are sorry to say that we are unable to accept payment via this route.

    Direct funds: It may be possible to directly transfer funds into our bank account. Please contact us for details if your bank is capable of doing so.

    Cash: Payment may be made in US currency. Although we do not recommend this technique, we understand it is sometimes the only reasonable option. We cannot take responsibility for money lost in the mail.

    We no longer accept Western Union. Sorry.

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