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Orchid seed orchid seeds orchid seed germination asymbiotic orchid seed germination

Orchid seed orchid seeds orchid seed germination asymbiotic orchid seed germination

Hi Nadine!

Nadine Vreeland

Flask Sales

Current Flask and Protocorm List

As a product of our germination testing and other experiments, the OSP periodically has flasks for sale. No, we're not trying to compete with our recipients; it just fills me with pangs of guilt to flush an entire flask of protocorms down the sink. Replate ahoy!


Occasionally we will have a flask with only a few seedlings in them; we can't sell it as a flask, and we don't have the facilities to grow seedlings here to saleable size. Other times, we have a LARGE number of flasks, and in order to bust up the seedlings (rather than try to sell a few flasks), we'll divvy up the flask, and sell the seedlings. We'll offer them up here.


Flask list available upon request.

We also have a Tube list, plants available in 25mm diameter tubes. Ask for it! Both lists change regularly. New! Updated 10/25/03


    Unless otherwise noted, all flasks contain large plants that are ready to be de-flasked; while we cannot assure that every single seedling is mature as every flask contains plants that do better than others, we do not ship immature flasks!

Spread plates:

What is a spread plate?
Spread plates are an intermediate step sometimes used between protocorm flasks and seedling flasks. They are used to take flasks from thousands of plantlets (protocorms) to hundreds of  plantlets (spread plate) to tens of plantlets (seedling flasks). They are also referred to as a "primary replate."

We currently have the following available as spread plates.


We currently have the following available as protocorms.

    If interested, ask- we’re a little low on protocorm flasks right now!


This list was updated 10/9/03

    Please ask for list of current protocorms; due to turnover, we are not always able to keep up with this on our webpages!

New!Click here for our seedling sales!

We usually have a number of protocorms in babyfood jars; inquire for our current list.

One option (for domestic orders) is to place these in a sterile tube, wrap in sterile foil, label and ship them to your location. Upon receipt, these must be plated onto agar as soon as possible. We use 25mm borosilicate glass tubes, plugged with sterile cotton and capped with a sterile vented cap; this entire assembly is available from Sigma.

The second option is to throw them into a sterile tube with a bit of nutrient agar, and ship them internationally. The plants are then free from CITES regulations: the Office of Management Authority (a branch of the US Fish and Wildlife Service that has been given the task of CITES enforcement in the US) informs me that sterile tubes are not enough. A tube with a slant of sterile agar is sufficient to meet CITES requirements.

Note: phytosanitary certificates may be required, even with stuff in vitro. We ship through Nogales, AZ, and charge $25 for this service to defray our costs.


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